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5 secret things to do in Paris, plus 8 of the most scenic neighborhoods with the best places to shop

From little-known gardens to the best place to shop for antiques, these are can't-miss places in Paris whether you're a first-time or repeat visitor.

Beautiful and futuristic subway stations around the world

A metro station is probably one of the last places you’d expect to find great art and breathtaking interiors. However, there are a few stations that hide exceptional design and art installations under city streets around the world. Forget dirty, badly lit platforms painted in dull colors, because we’ve sought out some of the world’s coolest subway and metro stations.

My toddler has been to 9 countries and 15 states. This is how I get him to sleep while we travel.

The author shares her tricks for getting her toddler to sleep well even in a new location like a hotel bathroom.

The very nice Ken Done: ‘I’ll never be as good as a five-year-old’

Ken Done has been alive to sensory details for as long as he can recall. As a boy, the artist spent a large part in Maclean, a small fishing town in New South Wales’s Clarence Valley. There, he pored over encyclopaedias, hypnotised by pictures of butterflies. He listened to The Argonauts Club, a long-running children’s program on ABC Radio. He observed shifts in the Clarence River, one of Australia’s largest waterways. These early impressions...

IT glitch creates turmoil for easyJet passengers across Europe

Airline passengers faced fresh disruption on Thursday after an IT glitch forced easyJet to cancel about 200 flights around Europe. The airline scrapped a stream of flights due to take off between 1pm and 3pm, affecting dozens to and from UK airports, including its biggest base at Gatwick. EasyJet, Britain’s largest airline by passenger numbers, said it had rectified the issue by mid-afternoon but there were knock-on delays to other flights. The...

Pet travel after Brexit: taking a dog to the EU could cost £300 a time

If you are thinking about taking your dog elsewhere in Europe this year, then brace yourself for an expensive and time-consuming headache. Pet owners say they are having to fork out hundreds of pounds for the necessary paperwork after post-Brexit rule changes. Pet passports issued in Great Britain are no longer valid for travel to EU countries (you can still use a pet passport issued in an EU country, Northern Ireland or a few other places but...

I've spent most of my life living on Oahu. Here's my ultimate travel guide to the island.

Traveling to Oahu, Hawaii? Check out Insider's complete travel guide, including the best hotels, authentic food to eat, cool activities, and more.

Beautiful tiny islands around the world

Discover 50 of the world’s most beautiful small islands, from US barrier islands and territories to far-flung and less-explored places around the world.

From Kīlauea to Kilimanjaro: world-famous volcanoes and their secrets

Equal parts terrifying and beautiful, volcanoes represent the sheer power of nature. Some, like Sicily’s Mount Etna, are known for their frequent bursts of activity, while others have lain dormant for years and, in some cases, millennia. From calderas surrounded by glaciers and ice fields to the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, Kilimanjaro, these are the world’s most famous volcanoes – many of which you can visit to see craters up close.

US surpasses 1 million COVID-19 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins

At the federal and state level, mask mandates have been relaxed and the US has fully vaccinated 66% of its population.

Splash out: your state's most luxe hotel

With incredible attention to detail, the lavishness and opulence of these elegant hotels know no limits, making these luxurious hotels destinations in their own right. From Venetian-inspired palaces and marble-clad lobbies to Art Deco masterpieces and suites with plush furnishings, these are the most glamorous hotels in every state.

Amazing mazes we'd love to visit

From beautiful historic labyrinths in Italy to award-winning puzzles with jaw-dropping designs, here we take a look at the most incredible mazes across the globe.

40 reasons to visit the Lone Star State

The second-largest state in the USA (surpassed only by Alaska), Texas is filled with delightful things to see, do and experience. Comprised of seven distinct regions, the Lone Star state offers everything from buzzy cities to charming beach towns on the Gulf Coast to rugged, rolling terrain in Hill Country. Join us as we take a look at the top reasons why Texas should be on your must-visit list. As usual, check state travel advisory and individual venue opening times before planning a visit.

Terrific train stations in the US

From cutting-edge modern architecture to stunning Beaux-Arts designs, the US is dotted with incredible train stations. But which is the prettiest of them all? Spanning everything from historic transport hubs dating from the golden age of rail travel to newly renovated buildings guaranteed to stop you in your tracks, here we’ve selected America’s most beautiful railway stations.

We imagine what the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World would look like today

In a time before engines, electricity and architects, it’s a marvel how the ancient Greeks and Romans managed to build so many magnificent and imposing buildings and monuments – from the lighthouse at Alexandria to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

No one's been able to explain these natural wonders

Scientific advancements mean we now have rational explanations for many of the world’s amazing landscapes. But some mysterious places around the globe continue to perplex experts. From a perfectly semi-circular lakeshore in Canada to a polka-dotted patch of earth in Namibia and a bright blue spring in France with no apparent origin, these beguiling natural wonders remain unexplained.

Follow the buzz: the best UK wildflower spectacles this summer

Deep Dale, Peak District, Derbyshire One of 23 nature reserves across the UK owned by conservation charity Plantlife that sparkle with wildflowers each summer (use the website’s map to find your nearest), this upland grassland in the Peak District near Buxton, is perennially popular among botanists. The range of species you might spot here includes drifts of yellow mountain pansies, early purple orchids, pink musk-mallow and lilac-tinted heath...

Ten years of the Wales Coast Path: a walk around the Llŷn peninsula

Porth Neigwl beach, between the craggy headlands of Mynydd Rhiw and Mynydd Cilan at the end of north Wales’s Llŷn peninsula, is known as Hell’s Mouth, because locals once used its rough waters as a “trapping bay”, luring ships into it then murdering their crews and stealing their cargo. I feel quite safe there today, though, as I climb over grassy dunes and across the soft clifftops of boulder clay, remnants of the last ice age. I’m walking...

To stay cool in a hotel bed, take your own sheet and dump the duvet

I suggest that David Bauckham ( Letters, 25 May) takes a suitable sheet on his travels, in case the duvet cover in his hotel room can’t be removed and used as a sheet. I usually take a lightweight shower handset and hose to temporarily replace the fixed shower heads used in so many hotels. Stephen Ingamells Ilford, London . Re David Bauckham’s letter, I invested in a wool-filled duvet earlier this year. It has kept me warm during the cold nights...

The World's First Fully ADA-Compliant Boutique Hotel Opens in West Virginia

The Schoolhouse Hotel in White Sulphur Springs is located less than a mile from The Greenbrier.

Pontins investigated by EHRC over concerns about treatment of Travellers

Britain’s equality watchdog has launched an investigation into Pontins over concerns that it has failed to eradicate discrimination against Gypsies and Travellers. Pontins’ owner, Britannia Jinky Jersey Limited, entered a 12-month agreement with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) last year after a whistleblower revealed that the holiday parks company had drawn up a list of surnames apparently designed to keep Irish Travellers out....

Get lost! The most secluded spots for your next RV trip

Secluded campsites and campgrounds for RV trips. RV wild destinations, secluded spots.

Starbucks Will Cover Travel Expenses For Employees Seeking Abortion Care

Starbucks is the latest company to take a stand in supporting its employees' rights to reproductive healthcare.

10 of the best cycling trail holidays in the UK

The Viking Coastal Trail, Kent Stretching for 51km around the Isle of Thanet, the Viking Trail can be split into shorter, family-friendly day rides, while the entire route makes a great two-day trip, combining long stretches of coast and vibrant seaside towns including Margate and Ramsgate with quiet inland villages, 7th-century Minster Abbey and the spectacular chalk stacks at Botany Bay, this is a varied ride. Start in Margate and stop for a...

Incredible images from New York Photography Awards

Depicting everything from city streets to mountain scenery, the New York Photography Awards strives to honor, recognize and promote outstanding photographers, as well as budding talents from around the world. The competition is open to anyone aged over 18 and features a range of categories including Architecture, Nature and Wildlife. From jaw-dropping landscapes and dramatic weather to incredible city skylines and funny animals, here we’ve selected some of our favorite travel images from the inaugural New York Photography Awards 2021.

Inside the eerie abandoned mansion hiding in a Virginia golf course

Located in Farmville, Virginia, the once-magnificent Dunnington Mansion, also known as Poplar Hill, has been abandoned to the elements

Only 6% of Russian oligarchs' yachts sailed across the Mediterranean after EU sanctions, the COO of a ship-tracking data company says

Some Russian yachts that are avoiding the Mediterranean are headed to Turkey but they'll be limited to the Black Sea, Spire COO John Lusk said.

‘Perfect for a caipirinha and sunset’: readers’ favourite beaches of Portugal

Winning tip: Lazy river, roaring waves, western Algarve Every time I emerge from the dunes and see the endless expanse of sand along the winding river my heart sings. Praia da Amoreira sits on the Algarve’s wilder, western coastline, near the town of Aljezur but, unlike the region’s many glorious beaches, this is a beach with a split personality. Set up camp along the broad sandy banks of the Ribeira de Aljezur as it makes its sweeping escape...

6 of the best ways to get to and around Paris, according to experts

Plan your Paris trip starting with the best ways to get to and around the city. Here are insider tips on airports, the metro, local transit, and more.

A local’s guide to Jaén, Spain: sunsets and sundowners in Andalucía

Food Jaén is one of the few cities in Spain where your tapa is included in the price of your drink – and if you want to eat well here, head to a tavern. My favourite is El Abuelo, which has amazing tapas: it is famous for delicious patatas alioli and alpargatas de tomate con bacon (toasted bread with tomato and bacon). Also good are La Manchega, founded in 1886 and the oldest bar in Jaén, Casa Gorrión, which has a mummified leg of ham dating...

Word Heritage: Exploring the ancient ksour of Mauritania

Known to few travellers, these four outposts are the living essence of the Sahara...

This desert ghost town was once a millionaires' playground

Tour the eerie abandoned ghost town of Kolmanskop, a Namibian settlement consumed by sand

The Guardian view on swallows and swifts: nature’s messengers

Swifts are back in UK skies, putting an end to the annual hiatus when nature seems to hold its breath, awaiting successive waves of migrant birds whose twittering is the soundscape of summer. But these are worrying times. The swift has joined that traditional herald of summer, the cuckoo, on the RSPB’s latest red list of endangered species, following a 58% fall in their numbers since 1995. Billions of birds are disappearing, according to a...

Explore Undeveloped Beaches and Nature Trails on Jekyll Island

Bike, hike, paddle, and relax on your next trip to this coastal Georgia gem.

20 amazing facts you probably didn't know about bears

From the brown bears of North America to the giant pandas of South East Asia, the bear is a truly magnificent creature. With the help of the new book, Bears by Tom Jackson, we look at some of the most interesting facts about these mammals, alongside stunning photographs that capture their beauty.

Crossrail: Elizabeth line hailed as ‘fit for a Queen’ as it opens

Samba dancers, passengers taking selfies, the mayor climbing on station signs, and purple all around. It was a day of celebration and wonder as the Elizabeth line, “fit for a Queen”, finally opened its doors to more than 100,000 passengers. The first Elizabeth line trains to carry passengers through the new tunnels under London departed on time just after 6.31am on Tuesday morning – a giant leap in speed, space and comfort from the underground...

Russian gas tycoon's $150 million luxury yacht reappears 2 weeks after switching off its tracking signals, data shows

The only reasons that the yachts would turn off trackers are if they don't want to be found or want to create confusion, Spire COO John Lusk said.

Going green: the best eco attractions in the US

Want to travel in the US while keeping your carbon footprint light? We’ve done the hard work for you and created a round-up of the best eco attractions, hotels, destinations and experiences in the country, which put sustainability at the heart of everything they do. Take a look through and get planning your next adventure. (Be sure to check state travel advisories for the latest guidelines before planning a trip.)

Emerald Isle Is the Tiny North Carolina Beach Town That Inspires a Slowdown

The gem on the Crystal Coast tailor-made for family time.

‘I was dog-tired but exhilarated’: hiking the UK’s Coast to Coast route

Lying back on the grass, I exhaled for what seemed like the first time in 18 months. I was miles away from civilisation and a world away from the long days of solo lockdown in my London flat. Now I was alone again, but in happier circumstances. I could hear faraway sheep and feel a gentle breeze as I gazed at the Lake District countryside and sky. I was a few days into walking from Cumbria’s Irish Sea shores to the North Sea on the Coast to...

I’ll be back: from Terminator to Grease, LA’s most iconic bridge gets a thrilling sequel on seismic springs

It has starred in more car chases than Vin Diesel, more stunt scenes than Tom Cruise and more music videos than Madonna, and yet it never even had to audition for a part. Leaping across the Los Angeles river on its twin steel arcs , held aloft by its majestic art deco concrete pillars, the Sixth Street Bridge has provided a backdrop for shootouts and dance-offs ever since it was built in 1932, appearing in everything from Grease to Terminator 2,...

Amazon cruise photos: In search of animals and an unforgettable experience

Join travel writer and photographer Nick Kontis as he leads you on a cruise into the deepest reaches of the Amazon basin to see an array of animals.

7 of the world's top places to see sea turtles

With most species of sea turtle now classified as endangered, we've selected some of the best wild conservation areas around the world where these majestic marine reptiles still arrive in their masses...

Tell us about a great riverside visit in France – you could win a holiday voucher

From the mighty Loire to the ever-popular Dordogne, France is rich in attractive inland waterways. This week we’d like to hear about lesser-known river or canal experiences in the country – maybe you’ve cycled to a hidden riverside chateau, hiked to a small Rhône winery or kayaked through an amazing gorge. Tell us why the place was so special, with prices and websites where relevant, and feel free to send a photo if you have one – but it’s your...

Platinum Jubilee: Eight towns win city status as part of celebrations

Doncaster, Dunfermline and Bangor are among the places awarded the royal honours...

‘Really cool, day or night’: readers’ top modern European architecture

Winning tip: Tickle Knut Hamsun’s spine in Norway The Hamsun Centre in Hamarøy, northern Norway (a couple of hours by boat from Bodø), is dedicated to Norway’s most famous novelist, Knut Hamsun (1859-1952), hailed by many as the father of modern Norwegian literature. Designed by the American architect Steven Holl, the striking building, which dominates the landscape for miles, offers references to the man and his work, including “hair” on its...

Dervla Murphy: an appreciation of the great Irish travel writer who has died aged 90

The last time I saw Dervla was a few years ago, before lockdown, when she invited me for lunch at her home in Lismore, County Waterford. The meal was an agreeably liquid affair. One of Dervla’s great passions was beer. If Thesiger could cross the Empty Quarter just for a glass of water, Dervla was happy to cross Rwanda just for the pleasure of a glass of African stout. Bottle in hand and holding court on a sofa with that familiar, determined...

Airbus business jet sales are rising despite the Ukraine crisis and a lockdown in China, report says

The company has made five business jet orders in 2022, four of which include its latest A220 model, after making no sales of the A220 in 2021.

Tell us about your favourite Portuguese beach for the chance to win a £200 prize

The Algarve’s beaches are a major destination, but for many the best of the country’s 1,700km coastline lies beyond this tourist hotspot – from sandy coves below the lush Sintra hills north of Lisbon to the expansive, clean sands of Nazaré – one of Portugal’s top surf towns. Tell us about your favourite place to spread your towel, whether it’s a sheltered cove, a remote slice of sand accessible only on foot or somewhere to soak up the sun from a...

Covington Is a Small Georgia Town Known for Its Big Spirit

It may be best known for its roles in film and television, but there’s a lot more to love about historic Covington, Georgia.