Dargavs Village: meet the eerie City of the Dead located in Russia

At first glance, the place looks like a medieval village, dotted with white dwellings on a grassy hill. But upon closer inspection, it’s clear that no living soul inhabits the settlement. This mysterious, eerie cemetery in a desolate part of Russia is filled with mystery. A site of death and remembrance, the City of the Dead is a living reminder of human's mortality and will to live. Click through the gallery to learn more about this fascinatingly spooky site.

Inside the world's deadliest garden

A small town in England is home to a garden that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Featuring over 100 different species of plants, this is not, however, your ordinary botanical garden: the plants here can actually kill you! Intrigued? Click through and peek inside the world's deadliest garden.

10 of the Most Unique Museums In the United States

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Stunning Photos of the Most Important Places on Earth

Uncover 34 of the top World Heritage Sites across the globe. Dedicated to preservation and protection, find out why these historical and naturally beautiful places have earned a spot on the list of most important places on Earth.

Furious locals at Menorca holiday hotspot close streets with chains

Holidaymakers LOCKED OUT: Menorca resort shuts out sightseers with chains across its picturesque alleyways which attract 800,000 visitors a year to the village of 500 people in latest anti-tourist move.

Truly Fascinating Places You Won't Believe Are in the United States

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Royally strange facts about the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles, situated just over 12 miles (20 km) from the center of Paris, is world-famous for its stunning opulence. Around 10 million people visit the palace every year, averaging over 27,000 people per day, and yet many secrets and anecdotes have been kept relatively quiet since Louis XIV first commissioned André Le Nôtre to design the intricate grounds back in 1661. The palace has everything: grand halls, ornate furniture, priceless works of art, gardens filled with diverse plants and flowers, illustrious fountains, and more. But what makes it so rich is the history of it all, as it was passed along several rulers, played a huge role in the French Revolution, and preserves the opulence of the 17th- and 18th-century palace life. Within the many walls are a host of funny stories, bizarre facts, and fascinating quirks that you probably didn’t know about, so click through the following gallery and get acquainted with one of the most incredible palaces in the world.

The weirdest, most spectacular hotels in the world

Island-hopping the British Isles

The islands of the United Kingdom number in their thousands. But only a few hundred are inhabited. These are destinations in their own right, and include places like the Isle of Wight, Anglesey, and the Isle of Skye. Each has its own unique culture and identity, and a collection of visitor attractions that make them all compelling tourist hot spots. But with so many to choose from, which islands should you include in your travel itinerary? Click through and start island-hopping the British Isles today.

Explore the best fishing spots in Britain

Fishing is a great way to relax and (literally) unwind, be in harmony with nature, and have some fun in the great outdoors all year round. What’s more, most people are much closer to a cracking fishing spot than they think, so it’s quite possible you have an amazing fly fishing or angling opportunity just on your doorstep. Before you embark on your fishing trip always make sure you check if it is legal to fish. Some areas operate "close seasons" when fishing is forbidden. Fishing limits are often set to protect fish stocks and a license is usually needed for rod fishing. Whether you're looking in Scotland, England, or Wales, you're sure to find an incredible fishing destination in this gallery. Click through to find your ideal spot.

31 incredible underground attractions left abandoned

From cavernous underground cities and age-old subterranean passageways to secret hideouts and wartime bunkers, these abandoned attractions make for a fun day out.

The Best Solo Travel Destinations in the United States for an Unforgettable Adventure

Whether you're looking for nonstop activity or total relaxation. While traveling with friends and family can be a lot of fun, going somewhere alone has its perks. You get to choose everything — the destination, the hotel, the itinerary, the restaurants, how much money you spend and beyond. Only one opinion matters...yours. It's also a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone, meet new people (if you so choose), unplug, rejuvenate and bask in moments of reflection — or even just escape reality for a few days. Whether you're planning your first adventure on your own or are a solo travel veteran, choosing a destination can be overwhelming, especially if you still have a lot of places to check off your bucket list. The good news is, you don't have to go far for the adventure or relaxation you crave, because there are plenty of options across the U.S. Weighing variables such as walkability, safety, self care opportunities, number of historic sites and museums and access to nature, we've come up with a list of the best places in the U.S. for solo travelers — ranging from mountain and beach destinations to small towns and large cities. Time to book your ticket for one, plan your itinerary (or don't, remember, it's your trip!) and answer to no one except yourself for a few days.

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Pictured: The desert in China with so many tourist camel trains that TRAFFIC LIGHTS have been installed to allow pedestrians to pass between them

The unique system has been installed amid the dunes of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring Scenic Spot, on the outskirts of Dunhuang City.

Travel Hacks You Must Know in 2024

Uncover 38 travel hacks that will help make planning your next trip easier. From racking up airline points and choosing the right credit card, to where to sit on the plane and when to fly, these lesser-known tips will not only save you time, but money as well.

13 Amusement Parks in the U.S. That Are Completely Free to Enter

A few even charge you nothing for parking and entertainment. Amusement parks are synonymous with so many wonderful things: fun in the sun, rollercoasters and carousels, games galore and delicious food. And all in a colorful, jubilant, family-friendly setting. The only issue? Joy like that does not typically come cheap. Or can it? Well, at these 13 amusement parks across the U.S., from the Golden to the Garden States, you can save on one very important front: entry. While the vast majority of amusement parks — including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens — require tickets just to walk through the gates, these resorts and parks do not. Of course, if you want to ride the rides or snack on the snacks, you'll still have to open your wallet. (A good thing can only go so far!) But if you're someone who's more about the vibes than the rides, this is the list for you. Make sure you scroll to the bottom: There's one very famous park that's about to go "open gate" with its water parks for guests staying on property. (Hint: It's home to a special mouse!)

Can mountain gazing soothe your stress?

Offering everything from spa treatments to hiking to yoga, My Arbor in the Dolomites, on border of Italy and Austria, is probably better known as a ski destination,

The world's biggest tourist attractions in winter and summer

Travel is a year-round option, and just because cold weather has arrived doesn't mean the vacation is hold. In fact, winter can transform a destination. A blanket of snow, for example, adds a magical veneer to any visitor attraction, lending it seasonal sparkle and extra "must-see" appeal. But are you a winter wanderer, or do you prefer a sojourn in the summer? To help make up your mind, here are some of the most celebrated tourist sites listed in their summer and winter coats. Browse the gallery and decide what time of year you want to travel.

'No pizzas, no cappuccinos, no nothing': Extreme hiker treks from one side of America to the other and discovers a stunning 'parallel universe' of epic landscapes and heart-stopping wildlife encounters

Tim Voors trekked the 3,100-mile Continental Divide Trail from Montana to New Mexico, a journey that is charted in a captivating new book titled 'The Great Divide', published by Gestalten.

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34 Rare Vintage Photos of The Plaza Hotel

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Born in the USA: America’s unique wildlife

The world’s wildlife is rich in its diversity, and most countries can boast species unique to their territory. In the US there are several animals endemic to the country. Some, like the bison and the bald eagle, are national symbols. Others are lesser known but equally regarded for being indigenous to the USA. Scroll the gallery for patriotic portraits of America’s exclusive wildlife.

The Most Beautiful Small Towns In Every State

Why yes, we would love to reside in a place where we can pan for sapphires.

Nations with a short shelf life

Most countries in the world can boast a long and eventful history. But there are some nations whose sovereignty was so fleeting that independence only lasted a few years or, in some cases, just a matter of days. Despite their short shelf life, these assorted states and republics have a fascinating story to tell. Not all the endings are happy, but some did go on to fly a different flag many years later. So, what are the countries that weren't countries for very long? Click through for quick glance at an even quicker existence.

20 of America's Best Historic Homes You Definitely Have to Visit

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Why Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri, Japan’s most famous festival, with its parade of huge floats, is not to be missed

Kyoto's Gion Matsuri is a spectacle defined by its large wooden floats, which volunteers in traditional garb manhandle around the city to music and chanting Stalls selling food and beer line the streets. Spectators can now watch from special seating, and gain an understanding of events through translation devices A towering float - complete with a ...

Flight attendant says this airplane habit is 'evil' — but we bet you're guilty of it

It might surprise you...

Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise ships leave from Baltimore for the first time since the collapse of the Key Bridge

Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise ships took off from the Port of Baltimore after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in March.

Super-wealthy risking lives on deep sea adventures after Titan sub

America's super-wealthy are still risking their lives on deep sea adventures even after the catastrophic implosion of OceanGate's Titan last year that killed all on board.

Are These Bucket List Trips Actually Worth The Hype?

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Inside the dark history of America's newest national park revealed

The former Granada War Relocation Center once housed 7,500 Japanese Americans who were forcibly interred during World War Two. Today it is the US' most unlikely new national park.

History's most infamous unfinished buildings

There are numerous examples of ambitious but ultimately flawed architectural projects. Around the world are plenty of structures that on paper probably appeared destined for success, but instead were either abandoned or left languishing in construction limbo, often due to lack of funds or political strife. Among these unfinished buildings are palaces, cathedrals, skyscrapers, and even a nuclear power plant. So, where can you find some of the most notorious architecture that never was... or still might be? Click through and study the blueprints, so to say.

Turbulence strikes again: 12 injured on Qatar flight to Dublin

Travellers head for Appleby Horse Fair despite locals closing all pubs

Videos posted to TikTok show travellers from far and wide riding their horses and towing their trailers to Appleby-in-Westmoreland, Cumbria, where they hold their annual horse fair.

22 Adults-Only Resorts for a Well-Deserved Vacation

These romantic retreats have everything you need—except children.

Picture-perfect valley views to amuse you today

Some of the most majestic natural wonders in the world are the numerous valleys that enrich the Earth's landscape. A geographical depression set between hills and mountains typically with a river running through it, a valley can be pleasantly pastoral and low-lying or spectacularly soaring and dramatic. A visual treat, these dazzling landmarks are found in all four corners of the globe. But where are the most attractive and incredibly imposing valleys located. Browse this gallery and discover the planet's picture-perfect valleys.

FBI probing the sale of hundreds of treasures from the British Museum

Last year, a senior curator in the museum's Greece and Rome department, Dr Peter Higgs, was sacked after an investigation found 1,500 items in its collection had been stolen or damaged.

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21 Hacks for Visiting Disney World With Kids, According to Travel Experts

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What causes turbulence on flights and which routes around the world are most affected?

A Qatar Airways flight has encountered turbulence above Turkey, injuring 12 passengers and crew. The flight from Doha to Dublin landed safely after the incident, which caused people to “hit the roof” of the plane. It comes just five days after the death of a British passenger and injuries to 104 others after a Singapore Airlines flight hit sudden turbulence above Myanmar, causing it to dramatically lose altitude. We know turbulence is a common...

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Menorca resort shuts out sightseers with chains across alleyways

Furious Menorcan residents living in a resort town known as 'Spain's Mykonos' have chained up their streets in their latest bid to stop holidaymakers intruding on their private properties.

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How Much It Costs To Live Comfortably in 50 West Coast Cities

For millions of Americans, the West Coast simply is the best coast. From the cultural history of sunny California to surfing in Hawaii, the rich musical traditions of Oregon (especially Portland),...

The Best All-Inclusive Resorts Where Kids Stay FREE

Discover 10 amazing vacation resorts where kids can eat and stay for free. From tropical destinations with water parks to rustic lodges with bowling alleys, these resorts are not just family-friendly, they're budget-friendly too.

The Ultimate Euro-trip Bucket List

Discover 25 of the best places to visit in Europe. From iconic monuments to breathtaking cities, Europe stands as the most popular vacation spot in the world attracting over half of all tourists.

Manhattanhenge: what it is, and where to see it

You're probably familiar with New York City's most famous borough, Manhattan. The same can be said for the megalithic monument Stonehenge, in England. But what do both have in common? The answer is: the sun alignment during some very specific dates. The phenomenon, dubbed Manhattanhenge, has become very popular in recent years and attracts thousands of people looking to witness the event in the Big Apple. Curious? Click on to learn all about Manhattanhenge.

15 Countries Worth Visiting for an Epic Drive

Whether it's the awesome roads, incredible terrain, or lax driving laws, plan your next road trip with this guide to our international favorite driving spots.

Beautiful Cities in Greece That Deserve More Love

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Longest-serving flight attendant dies at 88

Bette Nash began working with the forerunner of American Airlines in 1957 and never retired from the job.